A clear marketing strategy can open up new horizons for your business. MRT Consulting studies your targets, purchase motivations, needs, decision-making attitude ( be itimpulsive, rational or complex) as well as the market environment. MRT Consulting helps you build a brand and a position, to optimize investments and to best promote your products. To help you create a unique identity, MRT Consulting ensures that you stand out in the market.

MRT Consulting marketing consultancy process starts with an analysis of your potentials, deals, marketing mix, direct and indirect competition and positioning. It continues by establishing planning objectives - in terms of quantity, quality, location, target group and strategies - in relation to products, pricing, distribution, communication, web presence, direct marketing and trade marketing. MRT Consulting scrupulously follows the implementation and control of planned strategies as well as the implementation and management of the marketing information system.

 Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing:

  • scenario analysis;
  • definition of company positioning
  • preparation of a marketing plan.

Research and market analysis:
  • research on competitive products and companies;
  • preparation of questionnaires and surveys;
  • data collection;
  • reading and interpretation of data;
  • operational guidelines based on research results.

Client Management (CRM):
  • defining the level of service offered;
  • defining the criteria for user segmentation (Data-base Management);
  • analyzing of customer profitability;
  • managing contacts, newsletters and e-mails.

The marketing plan:
  • analyzing the competitive environment by identifying strengths and weaknesses;
  • studying and analyzing the competition and the target market;
  • analyzing the company positioning;
  • preparing a marketing plan based on business objectives and necessary resources;
  • making the marketing plan operational.

 Operational Marketing

Operational marketing:

  • assisting and coaching in relation to marketing mix choices;
  • analyzing, defininig and planning online and offline communication campaigns;
  • planning, managing and performing website analysis.

Sales management support for:
  • upgrading/ refurbishing sales networks;
  • design sales support tools.

 Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an advertising method which allows consumers to make direct contact with the manufacturer fot requesting information, purchasing products, requesting samples or other promotional material. A direct marketing campaign is not necessarily a synonym of direct sales, but it can just be addressing the consumer's request for information to traditional retail outlets. Direct marketing uses many contact channels (multichannel). One of the main direct marketing channels is direct mailing, that is sending commercial offers by post. In addition to the mailing channel, there is also telemarketing, and on a multichannel level e-direct marketing (electronic direct marketing). An example of e-direct marketing is direct email marketing (Dem), a digital/online transposition of traditional printed mail to electronic mail. In addition to taking care of all these activities MRT Consulting provides the databases, which can be acquired from various sources:

  • internal: created by using client records, with additions due to the interest of potential customers;
  • external: use or purchase from a database provision service, as long as it shows proven experience and can guarantee the quality of the database;
  • mixed media: use of external databases integrated with internal data.

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