Information and Communication Tecnology

The scope of information technology is to manipulate information data through the conversion, storage, protection, transmission and safe recovery of such data. Information technology deals with the storage, processing or elaboration and representation of information with the assistance of computers and technology. It includes the design, development, implementation, support and management of computerized information systems and telecommunications, with emphasis on application software and hardware components. MRT Consulting can offer many means of intervention, from installing to designing electronic architecture, from database management to designing integrated services that combine telephony and electronics for new ways of transferring information. MRT Consulting is an advance partner in the field of analysis, programming and web technologies and offers its customers solutions based on their specific needs and focused on their business objectives.


Innovative solutions for effective information management
Information Technology is a constantly evolving field. In order to be competitive and offer solutions that are truly effective and efficient, it is important keep up with new technologies and be aware of the benefits they can offer to companies. MRT Consulting develops innovative projects specifically designed to provide real added value to client companies.


Know-how, experience and expertise at your service
MRT Consulting offers its customers a full IT consulting service to assist them in any strategic decision related to information technology and optimizing procedures. Our solutions are based on the innovation and simplification of processes:

  • consulting: full IT consultancy service and support in strategic decisions related to Information Technology;
  • analysis and software development: analysis and development of appropriate software to meet real customer needs;
  • problem-solving: solving all the challenges and problems related to company information management;
  • logic process optimization: optimization of the procedures used within the company;
  • personalization: analysis and development of customization and implementation of existing proprietary procedures.


The website: communicate, inform and reach your target with a real return on investments
Nowadays the Internet is the most used tool and preferred channel for searching and obtaining information on companies, products and services,requesting and expressing opinions, buying, selling, etc. It is also the tool that provides the best results, constantly monitored and verifiable. Having a functional simple and above all visible website is therefore essential for a good presence on the Internet and to reach out to your target audience, increasing the number of new contacts and at the same time the loyalty of customers already acquired. MRT Consulting develops websites tailored to your needs and your business goals. We analyze your activities, the market in which you work, your target and competition, to create a customized project in line with your business identity. Our websites have basic graphics, with a structure that allows for an easy and intuitive navigation, and they are accessible and optimized to be at the top of the list in search engines. Successful websites to help you find potential new customers. For MRT Consulting a website is therefore not just a showcase presentation, but it must provide clear, detailed and updated information about the company, it should be an easy and intuitive work tool and above all a means for promoting visibility. Since the effectiveness of a website significantly depends on how often its contents are updated and on their quality, MRT Consulting gives its customers the opportunity to manage their contents independently. MRT Consulting takes care of all the stages of the creation of website creation:

  • domain registration, hosting and email management;
  • desig of the site structure and navigation, optimized for users and engines;
  • definition and creation of design and graphics;
  • study of related keywords and writing of content (persuasive copywriting), to facilitate placement on search engines;
  • database construction and management;
  • customization of control panel for contents self-management;
  • management of any additional services (e.g., creation of product sheets, newsletters, etc.).
We strive to design functional and effective projects, where the website becomes a real tool for the marketing mix, capable of transforming simple users into customers. Please contact us, we will provide you with a site tailored for your business.

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