The term "advertising" means paid communication, distributed by economic operators (through media such as television, radio, newspapers, billboards, mail, Internet), aiming at systematically influencing the behavior and choices of individuals with regards to the consumption of goods and the use of services.

When it's time to help you become more visible, MRT Consulting gets to work by producing communication strategies, complete advertising campaigns, positioning on web search engines and optimizing resources for small and large investments.

Corporate Communication

Communication Strategies

  • definition of the scenario for the implementation of a communication plan;
  • identification of reference target;
  • definition of communication goals;
  • communication on traditional channels;
  • online communication: specifications and peculiarities;
  • communication action plan;
  • brand awareness raising through integration of on-line and off-line channels;
  • tools for evaluating results and verifying returns;
  • optimization of relationships with employees and suppliers;
  • crisis management;
  • launch of new products.

Corporate Image
  • analysis and creation of the corporate image or management of its deployment;
  • consolidation of the corporate image both internally and externally;
  • dissemination of the company mission.

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